Wedding Etiquette Answered: TIPPING + GRATUITY!

A big question from one of our brides this week was

“HELPPPPP! I need advice on tipping etiquette and what vendors/how much should be included in gratuity amounts??”

When it comes to wedding etiquette, gratuity can be tricky. It can be overwhelming beginning your budget tracker & realizing how quickly funds get distributed & disappear. It is CRUCIAL to include tip amounts into your overall budget from the start, so you’re not thrown for a loop on wedding day, realizing you forgot to include gratuity.

So, first things first. Make sure to read the fine print & find out which vendors already included gratuity into their quote/invoice to you. For example, catering companies often do this, adding on tip amounts for their servers, bartenders, etc.

Your day-of coordinator {BHW!} is responsible for distributing tips to your vendors for you on wedding day. Be sure to pre-calculate gratuity amounts and have them in clearly marked envelopes so they are ready to go.

Tips should always be in CASH only.

So after doing some research, we found out who you should tip and the industry average for how much…


{Photo via Google search, 2013}.

Alter Boys or Girls
$10-15 each, or optional church donation.

Limo/Private Car Driver
15%-20% of total bill

Valet Parking Attendants
Minimum of $1/car

Wait Staff
15-20% of catering bill

10% of liquor bill or $25/person

Restroom/Coatroom Attendants
$1.00 per guest

Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists
15-25% of total bill.


Ceremony/Reception Musicians
$20-25 per musician

Event Rentals/Vintage Rentals/Event Styling
10-15% of total bill

Photographer & Videographer
$50-$200 per vendorOfficiant

0-$100 or church donation

You are not expected to tip for arrangement creation, however, a tip of $5-$10+ for delivery & set up shows your appreciation for their hard work.

You are not expected to tip for baking of the cake/desserts, however, a tip of $5-$10+ for delivery & set up shows your appreciation for their hard work.

Wedding Coordinator
10%+ of your total planning bill. They made your day perfect from start to finish!

On-Site Venue’s Coordinator
Optional, up to $50.


How do other vendors feel about these amounts? If you’re a vendor on this list, how much do you feel you deserve in gratuity? Do you agree or disagree with these numbers?

Tipping is in fact one of the most important expressions of appreciation, and most definitely appropriate & necessary wedding day etiquette.




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