Sky Lanterns – Choose Eco Friendly!

Sky Lanters have become quite the rage this past year (especially after they featured them in Hangover II), but do you know their history?

Lantern launching originally began as a means of communicating military signals during war. They’ve also been traditionally launched during Chinese New Year celebrations, in hopes of good luck for the upcoming year. The act has since expanded into varying cultures today, where individuals buy lanterns, write their wishes inside, and release them into the heavens. ♥ {History via The Earth We Live In & Spring Wise, 2012}.

When releasing sky lanterns, please remember our Mother Earth & think eco-friendly! As the saying goes, what goes up must come down, and sky lanterns are posing a threat on farm & wild animals upon their decent. Companies like Sky Orbs have created a new, eco-friendly alternative that’s 100% biodegradable.
“Rather than connecting the lantern’s fuel cell to its bamboo base with wire, which can harm animals and also takes months to break down, Sky Orbs use a fireproof wool for that purpose, making them the first fully biodegradable option on the market, according to their UK-based maker. Sky Orbs also use non-drip fuel cells made of wax recycled from candles discarded at Buddhist temples. Finally, as an alternative to the tradition of writing messages on Sky Lanterns — which runs the risk of puncturing them —Sky Orbs are available in multiple shapes with a variety of preprinted phrases for weddings, birthdays & other special events” {Spring Wise, 2012}.
Visit for product details, additional history, and more information.
Happiest of Wednesdays to you & yours!
♥ XOXO, The Better Half Girls ♥
Photo Credit: The Earth We Live In –

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